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Call for Submissions: antilang. no. 11 - Transformation

Hello friends, it's been a while.

It's with a heavy heart we share that the next themed issue of antilang. - Transformation - will be our last. At least for a while, in this format.

We haven't been as active on social media, with On Editing posts and news updates, or just generally engaging with the writing community as much as we'd like. Some of this is due to the whole covid thing, and some of it has a positive twist - we've been busy with exciting new jobs and other personal opportunities.

Some of it is that we haven't seen antilang. grow in a lot of the ways we strived for at the start of the year. Submissions are down, we had a harder time securing guest editors and funding for print publications, and we did not make the headway we had hope for with re-imagining soundbite.

So, we decided it's time for a break. Time to reassess and, when we're ready for it, take that plunge into reimagining our platform and the way we connect people with Good. Short. Writing.

Still, rather than mourn this pause, we want to celebrate the awesome potential that rest and metamorphosis can have. So, we're doing one last themed issue, in-house editors' choice style, on the topic of Transformation. Tell us about mobius strips and mutability, send us your phoenixes and cockroaches, your end days and times of renewal.

Submissions will be open until December 31st, and then we'll see what the new year's embers hold.

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