• Allie McFarland

On Delays

Hi Friends! We’ve all experienced the frustration and disappointment of following an author throughout a series and waiting for the next installment (looking at you, Goerge R. R. Martin), or even awaiting the next publication of an amazing lit mag. Why can’t the writing come out sooner? Like, it’s just words. On a page. But, alas, we often forget a crucial element⁠—real life. People are the writers, but they are also the editors and publishers, and sometimes regular life stuff just gets in the way (moving across provinces, actually working for a paycheque, you know).

Anyway, all this to say that antilang. no. 5 – Pithy Politics is going to be a little late. But fret not! We are waist-deep in the editorial process with our fabulous guest editors, Kaitlyn Purcell and Igpy Kin, and will be releasing previews shortly. The new launch will happen in mid-October instead of mid-September. We have decided to push back this date because of our editors’ personal busy schedules and because we know a lot of our contributors and readers are also busy at this time of year. 

We will therefore also be adjusting the rest of our schedule to accommodate this, so submissions for antilang. no. 6 will be open November 1st-January 15th, meaning that the issue will come out in February. Stay tuned for more details about our winter issue (teaser: we have enlisted a previous contributor as a guest editor!).

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