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On Money and Vision: or, We Got a Grant!

Hello ALP supporters!

This last month we successfully launched our annual print edition of antilang. (no. 2-3) in both Saskatoon and Calgary and at these launches we had the pleasure of announcing that we have received our first federal grant! In keeping with our policy of transparency, we wanted to let you know what this grant is all about, what we will be doing with it, what our plans for the next year or so are, and how this compares with our original goals.

The Grant: we received a Business Innovation Start-up Grant from the Canada Periodical Fund  (and we thought our name was languorous!). In total, we received $5000! Woah! So excited we can’t stop using exclamation points! However, like all government money, we have strict ways that we can spend this. What we can spend this money on:

  • Digital operating costs: web hosting, Submittable, Adobe InDesign, and other software

  • Upgrading our online platform from Scribd to Issuu (we’ve already done this and it looks amazing. Please go check it out and see for yourself if you haven’t already)

  • Salary (as we have been hemorrhaging our own money on this project, this was nice to offset some of the costs we’ve already incurred, particularly the printing and shipping costs for sending contributor copies of antilang.’s print volume)

  • Paying professionals (this is for doing our taxes, having a professional help us write our corporate bylaws, and other very boring and technical stuff we have to do as a company)

The biggest disappointment is that we are NOT allowed to pay contributors with this money—the grant is specifically for operating costs.

If you’ve been with us since the beginning, then you know one of our primary goals is to pay our contributors. We hoped we could accomplish this through the combined funds from our Patreon donations and any grant-funding. Now that we have printed our second hard-copy volume and published almost 100 contributors, we know a bit more about the nuts-and-bolts of actually affording to accomplish our dreams (and we now know the cost of shipping books worldwide). So, we have to amend our goals:

  1. We still want to be able to pay our contributors, but we will be offering either a hard-copy collected volume of antilang. OR $20 (when we were naïve and starry-eyed we believed we could offer both to our contributors and back pay those from our previous issues. As all our contributors have now received their hard-copies, we will be implementing this change for the coming issues (no. 4, 5, 6)).

  2. Many people who couldn’t make it out to our launches have been asking us about our hard-copies. These are available in local book stores in Calgary and Saskatoon, but we are also working to set up an online store for people to buy directly from us. We will always have online versions for free, but for those of you who like the feel of a real book, we will be able to offer that soon.

In other news, we will be running features on our editors and their creative works this month for all of our new followers to get to know us!

Thank you to those of you who have been around since the beginning, and thanks to those of you who have come aboard recently! We love you and we love our community (both online and IRL).

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