• Allie McFarland

soundbite: byte-sized readings


We are so excited to announce the new audio counterpart to antilang.: soundbite!

What is soundbite? Byte-sized readings! These audio clips will feature works we think would especially benefit from being heard instead of just read. We will be uploading individual pieces to YouTube and then linking them through our main website and social media. On the day we launch antilang. no. 2, we will launch a compiled version of soundbite on YouTube for anyone wishing to listen to all the pieces together. The visuals that accompany the audio will be the written text of the piece (unless the author wishes to use an image instead).

Why now? We bet you’re thinking ‘how can they launch this now? antilang. is still so young! how can they deal with all this work?’ And you’re right–we are probably a little crazy. soundbite has always been a component we wanted to include, and yes, we did think it would take a little longer to figure out, but the simple answer is that we have received some really strong submissions that would be even better read aloud. We want to do the creative works we publish justice, so it just makes sense to publish them in the way that best reflects their merit.

How does it work? Right now, we are sending out acceptance emails to those submissions that would work well for soundbite because we need the authors to have enough time to record themselves reading their pieces. Then we fix up the recordings and put them online.

So can anyone submit for soundbite? YES! If you have a piece of creative work that benefits from an audio component, then send it to us. However, our mandate of concision still stands, so we won’t be considering traditional songs (lyrics with a repeating chorus and instrumental accompaniment). We are not qualified to vet songs, but we would love to hear your other creative works that tickle the auditory senses. Feel free to send us audio clips or text (if you send us text, then we will consider your work for both antilang. and soundbite).

What about length? So far we do not have a specific run-time for soundbite readings, except that the entire issue (when compiled) will be under 15 minutes. We anticipate each author using 30 seconds – 2 minutes (that’s about a 1-full page max).

Other questions? If we still haven’t answered all your questions, feel free to ask them in your Submittable cover letter.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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